Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Location: Deal, Kent

Bailey was previously adopted in November 2022. Sadly due to no fault of her own she and her brother (Pablo) are looking for a new forever home as their exsisting home are relocating abroad.

Both dogs are to be adopted together OR if seperated their new home must have at least one friendly resident dog aready.

Secure garden.

Quiet home.

Bailey is a lively girl who craves affection and attention. She loves having her tummy tickled and will roll onto her back and beg for more tickles, if tickling stops! She will nudge arms with her nose to get more attention and loves having her back rubbed when she is fully stretched on the floor.

She is good with harness and lead and majestically raises a paw when the harness has to be positioned!

She enjoys a walk and is generally well behaved but occasionally will bark at other dogs, for no obvious reason. She loves car travel (always harnessed and secured); especially if the back window is open sufficiently to allow her to have her face in the wind.

Bailey occasionally likes to retreat to a private space but generally is quite happy to have a dog bed next to her owners if they are sitting down and talking. She also feels most secure if she can have her bed in her owners’ bedroom, or directly outside the door.

Bailey has a mind of her own and although generally obedient, can be distracted by wildlife around the garden, or other dogs barking nearby. In these instances she is vocal but this can be managed with the owners fixing a short dog lead onto her collar and removing her from the situation. She has quickly got used to this method of containing her and now waits for the lead to be positioned, before leading her owners back into the house! This may well be attention seeking and any new owner will hopefully be able to modify this behaviour. She is also vocal when the doorbell rings or visitors arrive. This quickly stops when she sees the person and there is certainly no aggressive behaviour attached to this trait. She is very treat driven, and will generally pee on demand to the word “potty” and enjoys a treat in return, if it’s offered!

Bailey is a beautiful, loving dog and loves to be near her owner, she is not keen on being picked up.

She has learnt to fetch and return balls and enjoys a run around the garden and can be extremely competitive doing this, if other dogs are involved!

She is very loyal and can be left for periods without issue.

If you feel you can offer the right home and you match our criteria, please complete our pre adoption form here: and press SEND. Please only apply if you are ready to adopt.

Home check and £400 adoption fee applies plus £25 for the safety harness that we insist all of our dogs are walked on until absolutely settled in their new home.

Upon rescue all dogs are tested for Heartworm, Distemper, Parvo, Giardia and Corona.

All of our dogs come with a pet passport, are vet checked before departing and arrive via a DEFRA registered transportation vehicle.

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We ask each adopter to cover costs of neutering, vaccinating and microchipping of the dog. A home check will be carried out prior to completion of any adoption. Adopt