Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Location: Deal, Kent

Pablo was previously adopted towards that end of 2022. Sadly due to no fault of his own he and his sister (Bailey) are looking for a new forever home as their exsisting home are relocating abroad.

Both dogs are to be adopted together OR if seperated their new home must have at least one friendly resident dog aready.

Secure garden.

Quiet home.

Pablo is a well behaved dog who needs to be offered time to feels comfortable in his home environment. He finds it difficult to show real affection but after18 months with his current owners, he has finally gained their trust and will roll onto his back for tummy tickles and a reassuring tickling under his chin.

He is looking for a home who will put time and energy into him accepting the harness and lead in his own time. After many months of gaining his trust, a recent visit to the vet for an update of his inoculations has seen a return to a fear of harness and lead. This aspect of his behaviour will require patience and therefore a potential adopter should have relevant experience in dealing with this sort of issue.

He loves to retreat into his cage if there’s no-one around but otherwise is quite happy to have a dog bed next to his owners if they are sitting down and talking. He also feels most secure if he can have his bed in his owners’ bedroom, or directly outside the door.

Pablo is a very obedient boy and will always come when called and is housetrained. He is very treat driven, and will pee on demand at the word “potty” but will expect a treat in return!

Pablo is a beautiful, loyal dog and loves to be near his owners but is definitely not a lap dog and doesn’t particularly like being handled.

He is a sun worshipper and loves nothing better than gravitating to the back steps/paths and lying stretched out in any available sunshine!

Pablo has learnt to fetch and return balls and enjoys a run around the garden when he knows he will be rewarded for bringing balls back to his owner.

Pablo is a very loyal boy who can be left for periods without issue.

If you feel you can offer the right home and you match our criteria, please complete our pre adoption form here: and press SEND. Please only apply if you are ready to adopt.

Home check and £400 adoption fee applies plus £25 for the safety harness that we insist all of our dogs are walked on until absolutely settled in their new home.

Upon rescue all dogs are tested for Heartworm, Distemper, Parvo, Giardia and Corona.

All of our dogs come with a pet passport, are vet checked before departing and arrive via a DEFRA registered transportation vehicle.

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We ask each adopter to cover costs of neutering, vaccinating and microchipping of the dog. A home check will be carried out prior to completion of any adoption. Adopt