Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Location: Faversham, Kent

Cairo (previously named Sreta) and his brother were born on the streets and were collected by the local pound for neutering when they were about 6 months old. Both of them had found their forever homes in the UK, but sadly Sreta is having to come back to us for his own good and is therefore looking for his forever home again.

Its been a heartbreaking decision for his owner but we all feel it is what would be best for him.

When he was first rescued from the pound, he was a very nervous boy who was scared of everyone and everything, he’s come a long way since then but certain things still startle him. His current mum has worked very hard with him and he knows various commands and is a fairly good boy overall.

He currently lives with another dog but everyone feels he’d benefit from 1 on 1 and being an only dog. Cairo has also lived with cats but we must stress that he can ONLY live with DOG SAVVY cats. If the cat is scared and runs, he will chase. We don’t want to set him up to fail so if you have a cat and are interested, your cat must be dog savvy and not scared of dogs. If the cat is chill, so is he.

Cairo walks well on the lead and has good recall when off lead. He is house trained and he travels well in the car. In fact, his momma used to go on campervan holidays with him and his canine brother and he’s perfect for such adventures.

He has lived in his current home for 2 years and the reason for him having to come back is because he has nipped a visiting child, who is now a regular visitor. He did not break the skin but none the less, he nipped the 10 year old when he was startled (this is the 2nd time he’s nipped a child in 2 years, the first time he also did not brake the skin).

Cairo is Labrador in size. He is social with other dogs and plays well, however if he gets over whelmed he can get snappy. He has no medical issues and has been checked out for pain etc. He just gets a little overwhelmed and worried and defensive, nothing that cannot be managed. He’s very obedient and knows a number of commands.

Due to the above, he is muzzle trained and is not distressed when muzzled. Overall, he’s a very well behaved boy who just needs a quiet life and countryside walks. Cairo bonds easily with people and will follow his new family member wherever they go. We are looking for a child free home for him as children scare him and leave him on edge. Visiting children could be managed with child gates and so on, but ideally he really would just prefer a quiet life.

CRITERIA: We adopt our dogs to an area in England within a 3-hour drive of Cobham in Surrey. Any garden must be fully secure and have at least 6 ft boundaries. All our home checks are carried out virtually. If your initial application is successful, we will ask you for proof of ID, a video tour of your home and garden. Lastly, we carry out a video home check call.

If you feel you can offer the right home and you match our criteria, please complete our pre adoption form here: and press SEND. Please only apply if you are ready to adopt.

Home check and £400 adoption fee applies plus £25 for the safety harness that we insist all of our dogs are walked on until absolutely settled in their new home.

All of our dogs come with a pet passport, are vet checked before departing and arrive via a DEFRA registered transportation vehicle.

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  • Cat friendly
  • Can live with dogs


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