Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Size: Large

Location: Serbia - Ready to travel to the UK

Romeo is via another charity that we are offering to showcase for them. For more information/apply to adopt please email Amanda at

Information via the charity:
Romeo is absolutely stunning; he has the most beautiful eyes. He is a pure breed Balkan Hound, he's large-medium dog in size and we all think he's approximately 2.5 to 3 years old.

Here is what Sanja and Ivan say about him, Romeo is a good dog in every sense. Good with children, people, dogs and cats.
He likes long walks, very obedient. Pay attention when walking where there are wild animals (deer, rabbits) he would run after them, so it is not wise in that case without a leash.
Being a working breed he needs an experienced home that has a good understanding of working dogs, he is an ex working dog. He needs a confident pack leader that understands positive reward-based training and how to use canine enrichment games.

A home that is outdoorsy and has plenty of time for him, a home he won't be left home alone for extended hours. Balkan Hounds are lovely dogs, they generally make very good pets and enjoy human company. He would definitely not suit a busy town or city living, he needs a rural or semi-rural home. Romeo is fully health checked, vaccinated and castrated; home checks will apply.
For more information/apply to adopt DO NOT complete Serbia’s forgotten paws pre adoption form but email

  • Cat friendly
  • Can live with children
  • Can live with dogs


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We ask each adopter to cover costs of neutering, vaccinating and microchipping of the dog. A home check will be carried out prior to completion of any adoption. Adopt