Age: 7 years

Gender: Male

Size: Small

Location: Serbia - Ready to travel to the UK

Otto is around 7 years old. Up until October 2020 little Otto had been living under a parked car in Serbia, kind people threw him food to help his survival but no one wanted to offer him a home. These people noticed that at times he whined, as if in pain, so they looked for some help and found an angel in the form of Inda. Inda took him to the vet where bloods were taken to check for any nasty diseases and he was given an ultra sound. It was found he had a urine infection with crystals and suffered from anaplasmosis and his teeth are not aligned, as if he had been biting his way out of a cage. Despite being administered antibiotics he could not empty his bladder so an Xray was set up. Tragically it was found that he had a pellet lodged in his urethra, he had been shot! Can you imagine how much pain the poor boy must have been in, and for so long. He was fitted with a catheter until he was clear from both anaplasmosis and the urine infection. He then had a cardiological examination and blood works to make sure he was fit enough to undergo such surgery. Back in December a complex operation took place where the pellet was successfully removed. Just when you think the little man couldn’t go through any more, he presented pain in the lumbosacral part of his spine, he was suffering from discospondylitis, inflammation of the disc. A date was booked for the end of March for an MRI. The results confirmed he had changes in the disc located between the posterior lumbar and the first sacral rupture. The canal through which the nerves pass is closed and in turn that causes pain, especially when getting up. It was confirmed this was due to the long-term urine tract infection. He was issued with antibiotics and inflammatory. Within a couple of weeks, he was feeling a lot better and the antibiotics were stopped and replaced with analgesics. Going forward at the very least Otto will certainly need medication for life for his spinal condition and if his new home can offer him complimentary treatments such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture and physio therapy all the better. He is currently on daily Gabapentin along with Amantadine. As this is a pre-existing condition no insurance company will cover these costs. His new family will need to make sure they can afford this monthly out lay and quite possibly surgery at a later date. Otto’s new home MUST feed him specialist food Royal Canin Urinary S/O which is around £25 per 4 Kg bag and also offer regular urine test to keep an eye on calcium oxalate levels (crystals) in his urine. Despite everything he has been through Otto is a lovely calm cuddly chap. He is clean in the house, walks on lead nicely but he won’t be a dog that walks miles and miles. He would need to be lifted up on the bed and upstairs. Not cat tested. Due to his condition, we feel he would do best in a quiet household with no children and no bouncy resident dogs. Because of Ottos condition we know we are looking for a very specific home, because of this he has not yet been made ready to travel, it will take around 4 months to get him to the UK a process we can start once we find the right home for this little special man.

  • Can live with dogs


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